Michael Chamberlain is a retired schoolteacher who has written prose and poetry from time to time throughout his life.  This is not unusual.  And it must be becoming more and more usual to use a website/blog in retirement to present some of the work.  A number of the poems in POEM ARCHIVE 1 and POEM ARCHIVE 2 were published in small magazines, especially in the 1970’s, and, particularly in THE GROSSETESTE REVIEW, edited by TIM LONGVILLE.  EASTWYKE FARM and PROMENADES were also published by GROSSETESTE PRESS. All the archived work, despite temptations, is presented as it was written. The very few NEW POEMS are exactly that. IMAGINING RUSSIA is in ten parts; Michael has no direct knowledge of Russia, and the Russia portrayed is imagined, in gratitude, from other European countries, particularly from Italy; he has learned from many English-speaking experts – scholarly, or orthodox, or original – often more than one of these things; he has relied particularly on the work of the poet JOHN RILEY, whose COLLECTED WORKS is also edited by TIM LONGVILLE.